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What is "Apologetics"?

Christian Apologetics is a discipline explaining Christianity and all of its teachings and ramifications. It is the defence, explanation and upholding of the Christian Faith.
All of your philosophical/spiritual questions addressed on this top resource.
We also cover countercult and Christian Philosophy. Find huge resources for Theology, Religious Studies and Comparative Religion - to say nothing of considerable inspirational Christian Reading; all on this site.

Christians Should Now be the Radicals!

"The Christian is the real radical of our generation, for he stands against the monolithic, modern concept of truth as relative. But too often, instead of being the radical, standing against the shifting sands of relativism, he subsides into merely maintaining the status quo." Francis Schaeffer, 'The God Who Is There.'

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Serious Bible questions directly received in March 2018 was 16.

"A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it." (G.K. Chesterton).

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We Refuse to Assume...

We are very different to most Christian websites which one may find. We explain, indeed, in detail if so required. Too many Christian websites assume one understands all the claims of the Christian Gospel, then proceed in an atmosphere of reverence, sentimentality and religiosity! We refuse any such approach, especially in what is now plainly a post-Christian age. The result? Thousands from non-Christian backgrounds come to us for Christian-related help, information and explanation.

The above explains our unusually high site visitor numbers for a Christian website as well as the very high average time that visitors remain on any particular one of our web pages, such pages now numbering well over 1,000.

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We Are A Ministry of Explanation...

We have been called, "the premier ministry of explanation." Why? Well, most Christian websites assume one understands the basics of the Bible and the Gospel. We assume nothing but set out to carefully explain.


Neither is the above claim a 'cover' for any cult and sect (as it often is!). Robin Brace has a full theology degree including study of both Hebrew and Greek. He and his wife are Bible-believing Christians, yet they are non-affiliated and independent. Your questions are safe in Robin's hands. More...

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About Us

  • We don't claim to be perfect and unblemished, but - as a couple - we have always stood together and are utterly committed to upholding the true teachings of the Christian Faith. More...

  • We base our ministry on three particular Scriptures:

    Here are two of them...

    '...Contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.' (Jude 3).

    Jesus also said, "...Freely you have received, freely give." (Matt. 10:8), for this reason all our resources are entirely free. More...


    Yes, you did read the above correctly! We are frankly sickened by Christian ministries always looking for "donations." If you would occasionally really like to 'donate' we recommend support of one of those charities which seek to help and support Christians in many countries, especially in the third world and where it is difficult and dangerous to profess Christ.

Our current most popular pages:

1. Ham "Saw the Nakedness of His Father" - Meaning? - 1732 unique visits in March 2018 - average time on page: 6:38 mins.
2. Did Judas Take Communion? - 1731 unique visits in March 2018 - average time on page: 8:09 mins.
3. Should Dr Billy Graham Now Be Considered a Heretic? - 1626 visits in March 2018 - average time on page: 5:48 mins.
4. Pharmakeia in the Bible - 1329 unique visitors in March 2018 - average time on page: 5.57 mins.
5. Index Page - 1214 unique visits in March 2018 - average time on page: 1:25 mins.
6. Why Did the Lord Allow Concubines? - 1026 unique visits in March 2018 - average time on page: 5.44 mins.
7. In Genesis 31, Why Did Rachel Steal Her Father's Idols? - 900 unique visits in March 2018 - average time on page: 7:05 mins.
8. Tithing - Can We Honestly Face Up to the Truth? - 787 unique visits in March 2018 - average time on page: 7:32 mins.
9. Can You Offer any Comments on Luke 16:1-9? - 650 unique visits in March 2018 - average time on page: 7:09 mins.
10. Did 'Pangea' Really Exist? - 401 unique visits in March 2018 - average time on page: 5:30 mins.

How We Count the Above...
We only count unique visitors,
that is those who have come to this site for the very first time. Thousands return regularly but they are not counted, therefore the true figure for the above could be well in excess of our counted figure.

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God and Law

"There is no law behind God, because the furthest thing back is God. The moral absolutes rest upon God's Character. The creation as He originally made it conforms to His character. The moral commands He has given to men are an expression of His character."
Francis Shaeffer, 'The God Who Is There.'

"To focus on 'keeping' God's law is an attitude and worldview which can never succeed for the Christian who must strive to walk with God in love and faith. The former was the approach of the Pharisees."
Robin A. Brace.

What? Our Own Version of a Bible Book?

Yes, we have our own version of Galatians, the result of Mr Brace's ten years study of Greek; we launched it in 2008. Of course, we don't claim this is radically different from other versions (else something would surely be wrong!). It is Here.

The Truth of the Gospel

"Whence but from Heaven could men unskilled in arts, in several ages born, in several parts, weave such agreeing truths? Or how or why would all conspire to cheat us with a lie? Unasked their pains, ungrateful their advice, starving their gain and martyrdom their price."
John Dryden, A Layman's Faith (1682), in The Poems of John Dryden (ed. James Kinsley; Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1958. 311-322). Quoted lines are 140-145 on p. 315.

John Wycliffe Said...

"The higher the hill, the stronger the wind; so the loftier the life, the stronger the enemy's temptations."

The World Wide Web

Without question, the world-wide web is the new frontier in Christian evangelism but too much evangelism still follows an outmoded approach. More...

Greek Parallel New Testament

This invaluable resource will be found here.

Out of interest we record visitor numbers, including the visitor's country. We use a system which is able to do that. However, we have no interest in these visitors beyond that and certainly make no attempt to note their location more specifically; neither would we have any wish to invade their privacy.

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